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A Week Of Autumn: Majyk and HandsOn Gloves

Autumn is the pickiest and easiest horse of all time. The little walking contradiction is the most fascinating creature, I swear by it. Today’s products are easily accepted by Autumn and here is why: comfort.


Majyk Equipe and I have had a long running relationship that I am extremely grateful for. But, finally, I have been able to use their products on my very own equine partners! Autumn is currently in light work, some under saddle, a bit of lunging, and a lot of liberty, in order to strengthen her stifles. Obviously, that means she simply had to get some Majyk boots to play in!

About a month ago, Majyk sent over these amazing white and teal Dressage/Sportboots. They are perfect for turnouts (for the rambunctious types), flatwork, and light jumping. Our set is only used for flatwork since the little one isn’t over jumps and has turnout for 3-5 hours a day, making them very boring and “normal”. Typically, Autumn doesn’t enjoy objects being strapped to her legs, surprisingly enough, it’s an odd concept to a two year old. If you follow me on Instagram, you have seen that if she isn’t completely comfortable with the protection on her legs, she will back straight up for as long as I let her. Anyway, when I strapped these on, I knew they were a great fit since she didn’t throw it into reverse! If she is happy, so am I.

Luckily, Majyk gives me more than her satisfaction to be glad about. The dressage sport boots not only fit well, but, the four layers of technology also ensures a happy, healthy, and safe exercising experience for your horse’s limbs, inside and out. These boots are crafted with a neoprene free, Perforated Inner Bio Foam that is breathable, hypoallergenic, anti-fungal, and nonabrasive, perfect for your most sensitive horse. The ARTi-LAGE “Dilatant” technology works in the interior structure to prevent any damage to the horse’s legs in case of a rub or bump with a solid object. The dilatant tech works as a force reactive material, hardening with impact while dispelling that energy away from the strike zone. Essentially, harder the bump the firmer and quicker the material reacts. The outer layer is made from a stylishly composed design of BASF TPU, or a thermoplastic polyurethane, which, while protective, is also elastic and resistant to grease, oil, and abrasion. Basically, these boots are incredibly comfortable and extremely protective, light activity boots. Luckily, Autumn adores them because, after she became a wild child one session and slipped, scraping up her whole body, she is now required to work with them on to support and protect her growing legs!

Another fabulous and well-loved product is newer to our little farm, HandsOn Gloves. I initially connected with HandsOn for Lila, in order to assist in breaking through her barriers. But, of course, Autumn demands her say for theses as well.

I have mentioned previously that Autumn is quite clear on her grooming needs. She will point out her itchy spots and even lift her leg for me to get the best angle. Completely unnecessary and oddly hysterical! These gloves make itching the hardest to reach spaces a breeze unlike other grooming tools.

Bluntly put, currycombs simply can’t get all the nooks or crannies cleaned and they shouldn’t be put to the test either. Legs, faces, and undercarriages are not built for metal or hard plastic currycomb brushing. HandsOn Gloves allows me to gently remove debris from all those sensitive places in a comfortable manner. From Autumn’s feathering to the backside of her ears, I know that her coat is being gently and effectively cleaned through the little fingers on the gloves and the flexible rubber make-up.

HandsOn fits like a glove and the design allows for free range of movement while providing great comfort for the grooming subject. While in the bath or during dinner, these gloves dig into the thickest coats and bring up mounds of dirt and dead hair. Luckily, they perform in a gentle fashion and only remove what should be and nothing more. Grooming points won’t fall off either! The gloves are created in a unique fashion that wraps the whole grooming center around palms and fingers as one solid piece. Your whole hand works as a dirt and hair magnet, cutting grooming time in half but, also making your horse a happy camper! Autumn makes the silliest faces when I groom using these gloves, making it very clear that she is in love, just like I am!




  1. jill slater says

    Love the lightness of HANDS ON GLOVES. It’s the only glove I can use to when designing with flowers. They allow me to have and HANDS ON feel of each beautiful stem.


  2. jill slater says

    Love the lightness of HANDS ON GLOVES. It’s the only glove I can use when designing with flowers. These gloves allow me to have a true HANDS ON feel of each beautiful stem.


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