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Turnout Done Right

Tailored Mane is back and ready for the fall to winter transition!

The cool weather is finally settling in for the long haul in California and the horses are ready to tough it out in style. Recently, our good friends at Horseware set us up with fantastic turn out sheets for all of the horses. With all different brands, shapes, and styles, each of their blankets has stood the test of these spunky rescues. From biggest to smallest, take a look at why each blanket has made a name for itself amongst the herd. Make sure to check out two cute videos at the bottom!

Norman’s Blanket: This dark purple and silver fly, rain, and chill repelling sheet is just what Norm needed stepping into the arena. Since he is on a mental vacation to decompress from the track, Norman has been making nice with the big turnout. He is easily excitable, throwing himself into walls when Lila acts up or when a horse runs along the trail. Therefore, the turnout is our safest option to keeping Norman from chipping a hip or breaking a leg. We don’t have a solid cover out there so, I found it extra important that he had a breathable yet, insulating blanket to wear at all times. The Rambo Wug, retailing $329, is a zero fill turnout sheet with a high neck, triple protective clasps, and a short tail flap with a “wipe clean”, covered tail cord. The front closure disc is a double clipped binder on top of a loop to Velcro closure and a double Velcro chest piece (AKA maximum security for his wild antics). The three surcingles on his belly crisscross and go straight across, creating a snug fit without the chance for a foot to get snagged. Anatomical arch shapes for legs and a curve along the attached half hood make for a comfortable, flexible fit. Not to mention, this blanket is designed for horses like Norman that are high withered and narrow bodied. Reflective strips on the chest and tail flap make him easy to locate when walking down the hill to the barn. And last but not least, this blanket doesn’t hold on to Norman’s rolling through manure. Nothing is better than a poo-stain repellent blanket!



Autumn’s Blanket:
Checkered and checks all the boxes at an affordable price. This purple and blue creation is the rough and tough Rhino Plus 0g Turnout, that retails for $245. The extra strong outer shell leaves Autumn defenseless against its durability but, defended against the harsh elements. All the while, keeping her free to move and play day to night. She is a difficult horse to keep calm when she is not feeling good. Her bouts of sand colic have certainly kept me busy over the past few months and has kept her energy on the verge of hysteria. Autumn can be found running the edge of the arena for hours or airborne when her colic hits, meaning she needed a blanket that would prevent her energy spikes from making her a sweaty mess while unclipped. Her Rhino Rug did just that. Not to mention her coat is always incredibly clean and smooth every time we unblanket to groom that’s to the Polyester, no static and smooth hair lining. Loops on the inside allow for you to attack liners when the weather drops even more. Her detachable hood makes for a fantastic braid protector and the high tail loop keeps her form scratching out her inflamed tail. Allergies have been a big obstacle for the past year. Itchiness often leaves Autumn dragging herself across the fence line. Luckily, the ultra-durable shell keeps her from getting pokes or cut on twigs, all while staying unscathed itself!


Lila’s Blaket: After Autumn viciously (playfully) ripped off Lila’s old blanket, I went on Amazon and replaced it with this sweet Amigo Hero 6. Blue was definitely a win for her color so, we continued the theme from navy to this vibrant Atlantic blue. Both blankets are a little more simple, smaller the horse, less extra stuff. This little number sits comfortable low on her chest, giving ample room for her to drop her head and graze. The leg arches make the panels for the legs seem longer, which is great since more white hair is covered! The tail strap is permanently fixed but, adjustable. The closures in front consist of a one sided Velcro patch and a double surcingle fashion, basically giving her the feel of being hugged in front 24/7. Best part is, this blanket keeps fluffy Lila so comfortable, she can wear it unclipped until its 70 degrees out. Warm when needed and cool when California spikes and drops quickly.


Looking for more items for your special mini friend? I am OBSESSED with the Petite Hoodie 0g Fill for the summer. So unique and brilliant!




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