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The Places You’ll Go

Noble Outfitters and I collaborated for the coolest of reviews thus far. Their Stay Cool MUDS, retailing for $109.95, have made quite the splash this past month, literally! Now, most don’t think to go playing in Tahoe Lake with muck boots but, extremes help me to illustrate just how well a product will work and perform for you! Take a look at my adventure from, lake, to snow, to desert in my Stay Cool MUDS.

Talk about a splash. Tahoe Lake was brimming with ice cold water and fog this day, creating the perfect time to get a great test of waterproofing done. While wading around, the tide rippled and the MUDS held firm to their 100% waterproof promise. The unique design of singularly shaped rubber left no hole for water to seep in through. Luckily that means, on the swampiest of barn days you can be rest assured you will not be sloshing around with wet socks.

To freeze or not to freeze. Partnered with some very thick socks and a whimsical idealism of childhood play time, I found myself stuck in knee high snow. Luckily, these MUDS didn’t soak up any of the melting slush, kept my non-slip treads on the ground, and held up tough against the freezing frost. My friends to the North and East will be able to thoroughly appreciate the magnitude of a stable horse boot, made to be strong against the bitterness of snow. But, as a SoCal native, these gave me the perfect excuse to be a complete child, frolicking and falling with every fluffy bank.

Back to business. While in the middle of Nevada’s nowhere land, I was able to find some wild ponies to bother. The crumbly, dry desert was no match for my MUDS. Manure, stickers, nippy air, and scratchy plants couldn’t stand against. Not to mention, the foam formed sloes absorbed all shock from treading around and tripping in the barren wilderness. Comfort all day long makes for a happy horse girl. This also means freedom for desert dwellers. Pack on the fuzzy socks and get to work during those chilly mornings, all without a hitch!

Over all, these Stay Cool MUDS are perfect for any geographic location in America! Their ozone resistant, industrial grade rubber clearly allows you to move about your day without worrying if your boots are going to hold up. Not to mention, their cute design won’t keep you stuck at the barn. Just hose off the dust and get going on your next adventure. Out them to the test and they will help you stay cool with anything that gets in your path!


Make sure to stay tuned for my review of the Evolution Insulated Jacket, also by Noble Outfitters!

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