About Tailored Mane

New beginnings are the foundation of success. Once called The Frugal Rhode, Tailored Mane has broadened its horizons for 2017 and the future. Among the original pursuit of discovering the most trustworthy products on the market, you will also find a passionate heart for horsemanship, relationship, and media.


Tailored Mane was made to be your custom source for your needs as a rider or business owner. Every equestrian deserves to be brought the best products on the markets and exposed to fresh take on training, just as every company deserves to have media that accurately represents it’s heart and passions. Selective companies are carefully chosen for any type of exposure on the blog. This blog will not be sponsored by any one manufacture or producer in order to ensure an unwavering honesty and delivery of reviews. Limited openings for media services are the Tailored Mane way of protecting your brand’s individual character.

Riders, whether you are looking for fiscally responsible necessities, healthy recipes for horse treats, high-end apparel, or cutting edge equine technology, you’ll find a trustworthy source here, at Tailored Mane. Companies of all sizes, be confident about making a unique statement by adding Tailored Mane to your media team or, collaborate today to get a review set up for your products.

Tailored Mane is a modern hub for everything equestrian. Proven trustworthy by numerous companies and thousands views on The Frugal Rhode, the blog experiment that proceeded Tailored Mane, this is your one stop shop for everything equine!

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About Kait

Kait Cruz, the owner of Tailored Mane, is a twenty-year-old hunter and jumper from Southern California. With a life long passion for horses and a fresh perspective on the equestrian world, she strives to provide the most effective connection between companies and riders.img_5689

Though her riding career bloomed late in life, Kait’s blood runs rich with equestrian ancestry and an intimate understanding of the financial struggle this passion can have. Kait was born into a family that was deeply rooted in horses. From racehorse owners to cowboys, from barrel racers to show jumpers, her drive for equestrian comes from a loving background of competiveness and horsemanship. From a busy childhood in “the industry” and an athletic, artistic teen in high school, priorities other than horses took a strong hold in her life. However, nothing could ever rid her of the seven year old girl that fell in love with ponies. When she was eighteen and a half, Kait made the choice to give up all other activities and fully pursue her dream of becoming a completive equestrian, all on her own budget. This ultimately lead to her earning the affectionate nickname “frugal filly”. Kait has all at once narrowed down and broadened her search for the right balance of how to afford and what to afford in one of the world’s most expensive sports.

Through years in Hollywood’s movie industry, developing a passionate heart for art, having first hand experience with large corporations, and uncovering a powerful desire to showcase the best in the equine industry, Kait has created an exclusive niche in modern media by thoroughly understanding what peeks and keeps society’s every growing interests. Similarly, her experience in reviewing equestrian products has allowed her to create a formula for the best exposure programs on behalf of any equine related company. Tailored Mane is individually crafted for your success.img_0128

A rider for all riders and a business owner for the fellow business owner. I have a personal connection to your success! When you flourish, I flourish. That is how Tailored Mane is different. It’s the belief that the individual can affect the whole.

Her proven belief is that publicity and a honest connection, is the foundation to having a prosperous, modern company. Outreach and a intimate understanding of the young equestrian mind is crucial whether working with a mom and pop shop or a fortune 500 company. Powered by family, driven by faith, and thrilled by true horsemanship, you will always find a sincere and lively partner in your corner. Her objective for this site is simple: an unbiased and honest opinion on all things equestrian.

Other Authors

img_0174Lily Rhodes is a 16 year old Para Dressage rider in Oklahoma. She is competing with her APHA gelding, Charlie. Lily and Charlie are currently competing in training level, but plan on moving up during the 2017 season. Lily is proudly partnered with US Equestrian, Annies USA, and EquLifestyle Boutique, and Millbrook Leathers. One of Lily’s main goals is to provide support for fellow para equestrians. During her adventures as a one handed rider, she has experienced her fair share of challenges. She hopes to provide support and assistance to old and new para riders alike.