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The Places You’ll Go

Noble Outfitters and I collaborated for the coolest of reviews thus far. Their Stay Cool MUDS, retailing for $109.95, have made quite the splash this past month, literally! Now, most don’t think to go playing in Tahoe Lake with muck boots but, extremes help me to illustrate just how well a product will work and perform for you! Take a look at my adventure from, lake, to snow, to desert in my Stay Cool MUDS.

Talk about a splash. Tahoe Lake was brimming with ice cold water and fog this day, creating the perfect time to get a great test of waterproofing done. While wading around, the tide rippled and the MUDS held firm to their 100% waterproof promise. The unique design of singularly shaped rubber left no hole for water to seep in through. Luckily that means, on the swampiest of barn days you can be rest assured you will not be sloshing around with wet socks.

To freeze or not to freeze. Partnered with some very thick socks and a whimsical idealism of childhood play time, I found myself stuck in knee high snow. Luckily, these MUDS didn’t soak up any of the melting slush, kept my non-slip treads on the ground, and held up tough against the freezing frost. My friends to the North and East will be able to thoroughly appreciate the magnitude of a stable horse boot, made to be strong against the bitterness of snow. But, as a SoCal native, these gave me the perfect excuse to be a complete child, frolicking and falling with every fluffy bank.

Back to business. While in the middle of Nevada’s nowhere land, I was able to find some wild ponies to bother. The crumbly, dry desert was no match for my MUDS. Manure, stickers, nippy air, and scratchy plants couldn’t stand against. Not to mention, the foam formed sloes absorbed all shock from treading around and tripping in the barren wilderness. Comfort all day long makes for a happy horse girl. This also means freedom for desert dwellers. Pack on the fuzzy socks and get to work during those chilly mornings, all without a hitch!

Over all, these Stay Cool MUDS are perfect for any geographic location in America! Their ozone resistant, industrial grade rubber clearly allows you to move about your day without worrying if your boots are going to hold up. Not to mention, their cute design won’t keep you stuck at the barn. Just hose off the dust and get going on your next adventure. Out them to the test and they will help you stay cool with anything that gets in your path!


Make sure to stay tuned for my review of the Evolution Insulated Jacket, also by Noble Outfitters!

Turnout Done Right

Tailored Mane is back and ready for the fall to winter transition!

The cool weather is finally settling in for the long haul in California and the horses are ready to tough it out in style. Recently, our good friends at Horseware set us up with fantastic turn out sheets for all of the horses. With all different brands, shapes, and styles, each of their blankets has stood the test of these spunky rescues. From biggest to smallest, take a look at why each blanket has made a name for itself amongst the herd. Make sure to check out two cute videos at the bottom!

Norman’s Blanket: This dark purple and silver fly, rain, and chill repelling sheet is just what Norm needed stepping into the arena. Since he is on a mental vacation to decompress from the track, Norman has been making nice with the big turnout. He is easily excitable, throwing himself into walls when Lila acts up or when a horse runs along the trail. Therefore, the turnout is our safest option to keeping Norman from chipping a hip or breaking a leg. We don’t have a solid cover out there so, I found it extra important that he had a breathable yet, insulating blanket to wear at all times. The Rambo Wug, retailing $329, is a zero fill turnout sheet with a high neck, triple protective clasps, and a short tail flap with a “wipe clean”, covered tail cord. The front closure disc is a double clipped binder on top of a loop to Velcro closure and a double Velcro chest piece (AKA maximum security for his wild antics). The three surcingles on his belly crisscross and go straight across, creating a snug fit without the chance for a foot to get snagged. Anatomical arch shapes for legs and a curve along the attached half hood make for a comfortable, flexible fit. Not to mention, this blanket is designed for horses like Norman that are high withered and narrow bodied. Reflective strips on the chest and tail flap make him easy to locate when walking down the hill to the barn. And last but not least, this blanket doesn’t hold on to Norman’s rolling through manure. Nothing is better than a poo-stain repellent blanket!



Autumn’s Blanket:
Checkered and checks all the boxes at an affordable price. This purple and blue creation is the rough and tough Rhino Plus 0g Turnout, that retails for $245. The extra strong outer shell leaves Autumn defenseless against its durability but, defended against the harsh elements. All the while, keeping her free to move and play day to night. She is a difficult horse to keep calm when she is not feeling good. Her bouts of sand colic have certainly kept me busy over the past few months and has kept her energy on the verge of hysteria. Autumn can be found running the edge of the arena for hours or airborne when her colic hits, meaning she needed a blanket that would prevent her energy spikes from making her a sweaty mess while unclipped. Her Rhino Rug did just that. Not to mention her coat is always incredibly clean and smooth every time we unblanket to groom that’s to the Polyester, no static and smooth hair lining. Loops on the inside allow for you to attack liners when the weather drops even more. Her detachable hood makes for a fantastic braid protector and the high tail loop keeps her form scratching out her inflamed tail. Allergies have been a big obstacle for the past year. Itchiness often leaves Autumn dragging herself across the fence line. Luckily, the ultra-durable shell keeps her from getting pokes or cut on twigs, all while staying unscathed itself!


Lila’s Blaket: After Autumn viciously (playfully) ripped off Lila’s old blanket, I went on Amazon and replaced it with this sweet Amigo Hero 6. Blue was definitely a win for her color so, we continued the theme from navy to this vibrant Atlantic blue. Both blankets are a little more simple, smaller the horse, less extra stuff. This little number sits comfortable low on her chest, giving ample room for her to drop her head and graze. The leg arches make the panels for the legs seem longer, which is great since more white hair is covered! The tail strap is permanently fixed but, adjustable. The closures in front consist of a one sided Velcro patch and a double surcingle fashion, basically giving her the feel of being hugged in front 24/7. Best part is, this blanket keeps fluffy Lila so comfortable, she can wear it unclipped until its 70 degrees out. Warm when needed and cool when California spikes and drops quickly.


Looking for more items for your special mini friend? I am OBSESSED with the Petite Hoodie 0g Fill for the summer. So unique and brilliant!




A Week Of Autumn: Majyk and HandsOn Gloves

Autumn is the pickiest and easiest horse of all time. The little walking contradiction is the most fascinating creature, I swear by it. Today’s products are easily accepted by Autumn and here is why: comfort.


Majyk Equipe and I have had a long running relationship that I am extremely grateful for. But, finally, I have been able to use their products on my very own equine partners! Autumn is currently in light work, some under saddle, a bit of lunging, and a lot of liberty, in order to strengthen her stifles. Obviously, that means she simply had to get some Majyk boots to play in!

About a month ago, Majyk sent over these amazing white and teal Dressage/Sportboots. They are perfect for turnouts (for the rambunctious types), flatwork, and light jumping. Our set is only used for flatwork since the little one isn’t over jumps and has turnout for 3-5 hours a day, making them very boring and “normal”. Typically, Autumn doesn’t enjoy objects being strapped to her legs, surprisingly enough, it’s an odd concept to a two year old. If you follow me on Instagram, you have seen that if she isn’t completely comfortable with the protection on her legs, she will back straight up for as long as I let her. Anyway, when I strapped these on, I knew they were a great fit since she didn’t throw it into reverse! If she is happy, so am I.

Luckily, Majyk gives me more than her satisfaction to be glad about. The dressage sport boots not only fit well, but, the four layers of technology also ensures a happy, healthy, and safe exercising experience for your horse’s limbs, inside and out. These boots are crafted with a neoprene free, Perforated Inner Bio Foam that is breathable, hypoallergenic, anti-fungal, and nonabrasive, perfect for your most sensitive horse. The ARTi-LAGE “Dilatant” technology works in the interior structure to prevent any damage to the horse’s legs in case of a rub or bump with a solid object. The dilatant tech works as a force reactive material, hardening with impact while dispelling that energy away from the strike zone. Essentially, harder the bump the firmer and quicker the material reacts. The outer layer is made from a stylishly composed design of BASF TPU, or a thermoplastic polyurethane, which, while protective, is also elastic and resistant to grease, oil, and abrasion. Basically, these boots are incredibly comfortable and extremely protective, light activity boots. Luckily, Autumn adores them because, after she became a wild child one session and slipped, scraping up her whole body, she is now required to work with them on to support and protect her growing legs!

Another fabulous and well-loved product is newer to our little farm, HandsOn Gloves. I initially connected with HandsOn for Lila, in order to assist in breaking through her barriers. But, of course, Autumn demands her say for theses as well.

I have mentioned previously that Autumn is quite clear on her grooming needs. She will point out her itchy spots and even lift her leg for me to get the best angle. Completely unnecessary and oddly hysterical! These gloves make itching the hardest to reach spaces a breeze unlike other grooming tools.

Bluntly put, currycombs simply can’t get all the nooks or crannies cleaned and they shouldn’t be put to the test either. Legs, faces, and undercarriages are not built for metal or hard plastic currycomb brushing. HandsOn Gloves allows me to gently remove debris from all those sensitive places in a comfortable manner. From Autumn’s feathering to the backside of her ears, I know that her coat is being gently and effectively cleaned through the little fingers on the gloves and the flexible rubber make-up.

HandsOn fits like a glove and the design allows for free range of movement while providing great comfort for the grooming subject. While in the bath or during dinner, these gloves dig into the thickest coats and bring up mounds of dirt and dead hair. Luckily, they perform in a gentle fashion and only remove what should be and nothing more. Grooming points won’t fall off either! The gloves are created in a unique fashion that wraps the whole grooming center around palms and fingers as one solid piece. Your whole hand works as a dirt and hair magnet, cutting grooming time in half but, also making your horse a happy camper! Autumn makes the silliest faces when I groom using these gloves, making it very clear that she is in love, just like I am!



A Week of Autumn: Incrediwear Equine

Injuries are every horse owner’s worst nightmare. They can quickly spiral out of control and cause long term damage. I have often found that trainers and riders alike will quite frequently still ride a horse that has tendon damage, possibly from a kick to a stall wall or a hematoma from knocking a rail during their last lesson. I have never been one to do this. A bump or a lump can mean nothing or everything to the over all health of the damaged tissues. I rather be safe than sorry. So, when Autumn decided to start kicking a metal fence divider, I decided to heal and protect where I could and she loves it.

Autumn has developed a very had habit since we brought her “little sister” home. Lila was once just horse aggressive and would randomly attack Autumn where now, she is possessive over me. Both aggressive behaviors mean that Autumn will often throw hissy fits, causing Lila to strike at her or throw her booty up at the gate. Autumn returns the kindness with one hard, swift kick at the fence. Now, the first time she did this, there was clearly a lot of pain. She doubled over and couldn’t put any pressure on her right hind. Stall rest. Thats all she got. I am not the biggest fan of icing and I was ill prepared for injuries at the time. Now, may I remind you, Autumn gets at between 3 and 6 hours of turn out a day. Stall rest and no games made the two-year-old mental. I needed a solution and quickly.

I had chatted with Dr. Jackson Corely, founder of Incrediwear and Incrediwear Equine, prior to Autumn’s shenanigans. However, nothing came of it other than knowing Incrediwear is something special. I did a lot of research before purchasing. I even made my dad a guinea pig their Human Ankle Sleeve in order to be sure that dropping $100 was logical. Long story short, the research was compelling and my dad was pain free so, I bought the Circulation Exercise Bandages. Please note: Autumn is two and I have patience but, not the patience of a saint. Autumn had never successfully worn polo wraps before so, when I tired to put her right wrap on, it was not the cutest moment for us. Dragging across the floor in a squat as she is trying to eat it…glorious. Anyway, I got it on and she went back to eating hay. An hour later I unwrapped her right hind and I was pleasantly surprised to find that her leg swelling had gone down significantly. We tried them two more times, for longer durations (2-3 hours) and the swelling was gone. During application those times, she was perfectly still, as if she knew they were going to hep her leg feel better.

Knowing is a lot of every decision we make. Science is something I take with a grain of salt most times (bad medical history) but, the studies were compelling even before I knew they were true. Results when you need them most through Bamboo Charcoal and Germanium Fibers, but how? The Bamboo Charcoal and Germanium Fibers are activated by body heat, sending out negative ions into the body and ramping up blood flow. Joint pain, swelling, inflation, fatigue, etc. the Incrediwear products work with your horse’s body to make it repair itself. Personally, I think thats fantastic. The idea and the proof is exceptional and it simply works. I would like to see additional products from them, such as recovery blankets, saddle pads, and horse “socks” to go under hard shell boots. Until then, I plan to get Autumn and Norm their standing/pillow wraps and the hoof circulation socks for Norman’s sensitive feet. Work with your horse’s body, not against it to get back to peek performance.

If Autumn loves them, I am sure your baby will too!

A Week Of Autumn: BioMane and Ecolicious

Happy Monday! It is just short of one year since Autumn came into my life and turn it right-side-up. Friday, I will tell you about our “origin story” but, for now, all this week will be filled with products that I know my baby girl loves! First two up are BioMane and Ecolicious, two brands that help her shine inside and out. I am a strong believer in spoiling your horse with grooming. If your horse feels good about the way they feel, they are going to be far more pleasant to be around and more willing to work with you.

BioMane came into our lives just about nine months ago. Shortly after I purchased Autumn, the big rains from last winter rolled in. Knowing absolutely nothing about her, I quickly learned that she HATES rain. Apparently, it makes her itchy beyond belief, causing her to scratch like a wild child. One of those rainy nights, I came to the barn to find her mane matted and her forelock a third of its original length. Safe to say, I spent an hour in the rain, angry and brushing out knots from a feral baby’s mane. It was like a toddler cut her own hair and I was mom devastated. After all, her mane was fabulous and made her look like the wild thing she was. After a bit of research, I decided to order BioMane and haven’t left them since! Customers are mainly in their market to grow length and thickness in their horse’s mane or tail quickly. However, it became something more than that to us. BioMane is all around extremely well balanced with its solid levels of amino acids, proteins, vitamins and nutrients. She also scarfs it down like it’s the last meal she may ever eat so, it must be very palatable. This combination made it perfect for my little babe to continue to grow, but this time, healthy and strong. Biomane helped her to shed her old, dull, nutrition-less coat and regrow a healthy, sparkling one right from the start. Her mane and tail, once dry and brittle, regrew lush and healthy. Quickly, I felt my wild, malnourished filly shed her old life physically while she transformed into a flourishing, well behaved little mare. Thanks to BioMane, she is at a good weight, exceptional health, has dapples, and a beautiful mane and tail.

Ecolicious is a fabulous organic, eco-friendly grooming brand that Autumn can’t get enough of. After a few failed experiences with other grooming companies, I decided to dig into my own pockets and purchase a number of items (see above) from them to test out. Organic, effective, and free of any nastiness, I felt great about using them. Deliciously fragrant, shine enhancing, and soothing, Autumn still can’t get enough. Between the Silky baths and Moisture Maniac mane and tail spray, Autumn’s coat has become ever the more glossy and her tail, easier to manage. Since Autumn is half Andalusian, she grows the thickest spirals I have ever seen on a horse. Luckily, all of the twists and turns are made straight and manageable through gentle brushing with amazing products. One funny thing about Autumn is that she asks me to itch where she can’t reach by pointing to the area she needs to be groomed. Booty scratches, tail itches, neck scrubs, and even utter cleanings are all in her list of demands. I oblige knowing that she is being treated with gentle products that are free of sulphates, silicones, and parabens, all while being bottles in 100% recycled materials. Ecolicious covers all of Autumn’s needs and soothes her itchy skin or dry floccules with its natural ingredients and fabulous scents.

Together, these two companies help to make Autumn look and feel healthy every day of her new life!

Company Week: Barnes is BTR

Barnes Tack Room is a brand new tack company based out of San Diego, CA that is up and coming, ready to take over your tack room. Created by their personal artisans in Argentina, they use only the finest, buttery leathers to create luxurious tack for your fur baby. Barnes is quickly making their statement and attracting some very popular media influencers! Check out how they are full steam ahead.

A few months back, I connected with owner, Robert Barnes, for his media and market needs, since then it’s been a skyrocketing journey with the fresh new tack company. Robert, a life long polo player, created Barnes Tack Room, or BTR, with the female rider in mind and continues to redesign and create to benefit them. I like to say that BTR is the product of an American dream. From Argentina to Hawaii, Robert took his skills of management and knowledge of the equine world to develop a legacy that gives back. BTR strives to manufacture not only the finest products to retail, but also take those funds in order to assist horse rescues and sanctuaries; which peeked my interest.

Since joining the team, I have come to know the inner workings of the BTR company and their willingness to work for their customer’s needs. Robert manages the production while I run the public relations. Together, Barnes Tack Room is a small company, destined for big things! I take the information that followers submit, discuss the needs riders have, and submit ideas for changes that production would benefit from. It’s super interesting to be on both sides of a company, especially one that is progressive enough to work directly with riders to see that improvements should be made. Satisfaction of BTR customers is literally everything to Robert. You have a voice in what goes on regarding the manufactured design, the products themselves, and the look of the company.

Redesign and remake to create the best tack possible for the horses we love and trust. Each product I have laid my hands on (which would be all of them) have wowed me with its quality and buttery feel. Argentinian leather has been a favorite of mine since working with Majyk’s front boots. This leather is commonly found in high end sports cars proving the long term durability and exquisite comfort. Each bridle is hand crafted with little details that ooze of simplicity and elegance. I have each type, typically in the Dark Brown. Now, the Tobacco is the most supple straight out of the packaging. While the Bark Brown needs just a touch of working, and I really do mean a touch. Now, the saddles are equally dreamy! Grippy, supple, and pain free for both horse and rider. Not to mention they are an amazing fit every time! I’m not going to give to much away since I’ll be doing biweekly reviews of individual products for you all starting next week. So, stay tuned and get on the BTR brand!

Company Week: Got Romfh?

NEWS FLASH: ROMFH is everywhere! Well, I guess that isn’t a surprise if you are reading this, right? For the past year, I have been sporting ROMFH and all the equine brand has to offer. And boy, am I happy about that! Not only is ROMFH a standard here on Tailored Mane but, its making waves across the board and across the world. From struggle to the epitome of success, Laura and I talk breeches and so much more.

Washington native, Laura Romfh, was practically born in the saddle. From age two on, her exploration of the equine world developed her into a well-rounded rider and an admirer of riding fashion. From trails to eventing to dressage to show jumping, Laura came to intimately know all disciplines of riding, whether competitive or pleasure. Later, she attended Parsons School of Design which eventually led her to begin her journey with ROMFH at the ripe age of swenty-six. Laura, and I quote “starved” for the first three years after giving birth to the fledging company. But, her loyal retailing shops and happy customers allowed her to press on. Then, what every small shop hopes for, a big break. Dover picked up ROMFH and Laura went from not enough moving off the shelves to not getting enough product in. But, this is what she had been waiting for so, she hustled and made it all happen. Time and time again, when the situation gets sticky, her unrivaled support of delighted ROMFH buyers encourages her to continue on. Laura’s love for other people to fall in love with the brand, has not only brought her undoubtable creditability, but also a strong presence all over the world. From here in America to the big island of Australia to the smallest Asian countries, woman across the board have fallen in love and can’t get enough of ROMFH.

ROMFH was an accidental find for me about a year ago, back when I was doing the The Basic Breech Guide review on The Frugal Rhode. Talk about luck!! They landed the number one spot and continued on to be apart of numerous other reviews for me. Just trying them on I was in love. The more purply navy with a yoga legging fit…it was a match made in heaven. Luckily, all of her products are like that. Between the exquisite fit and the dramatic comfort, there are endless color options available for every style. Personally, the Sarafina and Isabella breaches are my two favorites depending on if I want a full or knee patch grip. For whatever reason, it seems as though ROMFH is the only brand that actually fits my booty and my waist perfectly. Its easy to feel confident in the saddle and around town with these on because you truly look as good as you feel! Periwinkle and Pewter are two of my current color favorites but, being real here, there isn’t a color that I would NOT take! They are all flattering and different making individuality easy as can be. In fact, take a look at all the ways ROMFH has rocked my world and the blog’s ROOTD segments!

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At the end of the day, there aren’t enough kind words that I could say about Laura or ROMFH. If you’re looking for luxury, quality, style, fit, and comfort, ROMFH have you covered. Got ROMFH?