Trade based and financially safe! When looking to build credibility for a product or brand, review blogging is your gateway to success. Tailored Mane does not charge for reviewing, rather, products are kept for publication. This works as a double advantage for you, the producer, because it opens up great opportunity for continual sharing online. Each product is guaranteed to be shared on at least four media outlets and in at least one blog post. Get in contact to receive additional information on how this process works and how you can set up your brand for the long term with Tailored Mane!

Media Management

Media is at the forefront of business today. Essentially, if you are booming online, you are taking off in sales. Tailored Mane has made it possible for many companies to do extremely well through reviewing. However, a blog post can only go so far when a company’s media is failing to reach and keep the target demographic. Custom plans at Tailored Mane are crafted for your equestrian brand in mind. Whether looking for someone to run your publication empire and assist in creating promotions or simply help you weed through DMs and emails, there are financial responsible options for you. From stables to accessories, Tailored Mane will take great care of your company! Prices will vary depending on your wants and needs so please take the time to get in contact with Kait.

Note: There are only 5-8 company slots available for 2017. Please get your requests in ASAP.

Product Photography

Aesthetics and believability are the foundation to having successful and beautiful product photography. The way to capture the mind of a rider, is to capture their heart first. Simply put, you want your products, horses, or stables to look absolutely stunning while also retaining a realistic, attainable feel. Send in your products or request an onsite shoot. Tailored Mane is designed to make your life easier! On mount photography is available for companies needing action or real situation shots. In order to keep within your budget, pricing runs at $20 an hour plus travel fees (if applicable) with a 5 photo minimum per shoot. Contact Tailored Mane for more details and be sure to take a look around the site for examples of Kait’s work.

Site Building

Noticing that your follower numbers are high and the traffic to your site is fair but, people aren’t clicking beyond the home page? Your site might need a little bit of a pick-me-up! When your media pages are running smoothly, your products are supported, and publications are looking sharp, nothing ruins that steam more than a messy or difficult to navigate webpage. Concise websites are the best way to land yourself a sale! For an hourly rate of $20, Tailored Mane will custom make your site so that no equestrian will want to leave. Get in contact to help make your site an absolute smash!

Note: This service will be limited to only 2 companies a month, so please be sure to get in contact ASAP.

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